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About AOS

AOS is a platform dedicated to artist videos, multimedia experiences and curatorial interventions utilising digital formats to address current political, economic and theoretical discussion, viewable 24/7 both online and via a screen in the gallery window of arebyte Gallery. AOS invites web-based artists, digital artists and curators from around the world to experiment with new forms of creating, curating and presenting online art.

Following in the footsteps of our Storage-un.it project, which ran from 2015-17 in our storage space in Hackney Wick, AOS will continue our research in online and virtual spaces for curation and artistic production.

As part of arebyte Gallery’s yearly programme themes, AOS will continue each year alongside the physical artistic programme, creating an expansive network of artists and curators working across emerging media from all over the world, allowing for more artists to disseminate their work to a greater audience internationally.

Launched at the end of September 2018 with the commissioned online project Atropelos curated by Daniel Rourke and Luiza Prado, the channel will develop into its final version integrating the following three strands to go live in February 2019.:

…by guest curators invites four curators each year from international digital art galleries, online spaces, biennales and festivals to present online projects and commissions for a period of three months. Each curator is encouraged to showcase artists within or outside of their networks, and to experiment with the platform and how they present projects. This strand of AOS initiates conversations with similar spaces globally and contextualises our work on an international scale.

…by artists is an artist-led curatorial programme, where selected artists present online work and invite their peers to create a succession of content around the yearly theme for a period of two weeks. This strand of AOS aims to create networks between continents of digital artists as the current exhibiting artist is then asked to invite the next artist to participate in the project, keeping the chain going. The digital collage created through the ongoing series will become automatic, exploring various ideas as it develops, and aims to form a conversation between peer groups and acts as a stage for presenting new work by emerging artists.

…by arebyte showcases material created by the arebyte team and educational partners, relating to our physical shows in the gallery, as well as previous screen based works by alumni artists. For this strand of AOS arebyte will curate and create content in relation with the physical shows taking place in the gallery space, as well as feature arebyte’s alumni work commissioned by the gallery since 2013. This visual material will allow arebyte to expand on the theme addressed by its physical exhibitions and will be a place for art audiences to further explore, interact and engage with the arebyte programme.

AOS ’19

Starting in February 2019, the AOS ‘19 programme will bring artists and curators working across digital art to respond and explore the idea of ‘Home’ and its contemporary context.

A panel discussion will take place at the end of November 2019 (precise date TBC soon) with a selection of curators and artists who took part in AOS throughout the year in the format of a panel discussion, inviting experts in digital cultures and new technology to engage in discussion about web-based practices and methods for curation within the digital realm.

Thinking about our yearly theme, the discussion will focus on the idea of homepages; their initial use before Google for ways of navigating the World Wide Web with simple indexes for pages and interests, to their evolution for self-presentation and promotion, to their subsequent use for personalisation and smart-technology inclusion.

…by guest curators ‘19

For arebyte’s 2019 yearly programme focusing on the theme of ‘Home’, this strand will launch with curator David Quiles Guilló, founder and director of ‘The Wrong’, the largest and most comprehensive biennale celebrating digital art. David Quiles Guilló will curate a series of short online projects by Yoshi Sodeoka, Mario Santamaria, Cluster Duck, Mit Borras, Systaime and Ben Grosser.

Following David Quiles Guilló, will be Green Cube Gallery, an online nomadic art space run by Guido Segni and Matìas Ezequiel Reyes aiming to stress the limits and the relationship between virtual and real.

Afterwards, we will host ‘Atelier Sumo’, a project space presenting digital and new media artists, run by Alain Barthelemy in Lyon, France.

The final guest curator of 2019 will be ‘+DEDE’, a project space in Berlin championing emerging artists, run by Flavio Degen and Tristan Deschamps.

…by artists ‘19

The first artist to present work in this strand will be artist Jan Robert Leegte, selected by arebyte curator, Rebecca Edwards. Leegte will reshow works from the compressedforests series, and will be followed by Lorna Mills. If, for whatever reason, the chain of artists stops or becomes stagnant, arebyte will select an artist to start a new chain to ensure continuity in the online programme.

…by arebyte ‘19

This strand will feature material made in response to the 2019 core programme of commissioned exhibitions.

arebyte has partnered with Middlesex University, Digital Media and Cultural Studies Department to involve the students in the production of the video content related to the series of shows taking place in the gallery throughout 2019. This partnership allows new young creatives to take part in the development of a new platform, adding multiple perspectives to the content presented online.

AOS Web Development Team:

Direction: Rebecca Edwards, Nimrod Vardi
Web design: Shinji Toya
Graphic design: Stelios Ilchuk, Andriana Oborocean

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