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Initiated in 2019, arebyte On Screen is a platform dedicated to artist videos, digital experiences and curatorial interventions and programming utilising web-based formats. AOS invites artists and curators from around the world to experiment with new forms of creating, curating and presenting art online.

The artists and curators of AOS present past projects, work-in-progress and new work; often addressing current trends and theoretical discussion in art, the work on AOS also branches into political, economic and social topics as a way of mapping a collective digital landscape.

Following in the footsteps of Storage-un.it, which ran from 2015-17 in arebyte’s storage space in Hackney Wick, AOS continues research in online and virtual spaces for curation and artistic production. Viewable on aos.arebyte.com and via a dedicated screen in arebyte Gallery’s window in London, AOS is open to the public 24/7.

Linked to arebyte’s yearly onsite programme, AOS creates an expansive network of artists and curators working locally, nationally and internationally across emerging media.


arebyte advances new experimentation in digital cultures.

Meeting the growing demand for immersive experiences and digital content creation, arebyte pioneers new forms of engagement with creative technologies, to critically explore the impact of technology in contemporary society.

From digital environments, online exhibitions to live performances, arebyte’s art programme spans VR, AR, motion capture, CGI, AI, blockchain technology, and draws 10,000 visitors per year to its gallery in East London, with a yearly online audience of 350,000 which is constantly growing.

arebyte is committed to further support London’s creatives by providing affordable workspaces in the capital city. In partnership with private landlords and Councils, arebyte strives to preserve a vibrant community of 330 artists, makers and designers in East and South London.

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