…by arebyte

showcases material created by the arebyte team and educational partners, relating to our physical shows in the gallery, as well as previous screen based works by alumni artists. For this strand of AOS arebyte will curate and create content in relation with the physical shows taking place in the gallery space, as well as feature arebyte’s alumni work commissioned by the gallery since 2013. This visual material will allow arebyte to expand on the theme addressed by its physical exhibitions and will be a place for art audiences to further explore, interact and engage with the arebyte programme.


…by guest curators

…by guest curators invites four curators each year from international digital art galleries, online spaces, biennales and festivals to present online projects and commissions for a period of two-three months. Each curator is encouraged to showcase artists within or outside of their networks, and to experiment with the platform and how they present their projects. This strand of AOS initiates conversations with similar spaces globally and contextualises our work on an international scale.


…by artists

is an artist-led curatorial programme, where selected artists present online work and invite their peers to create a succession of content around the yearly theme for a period of two weeks. This strand of AOS aims to create networks between continents of digital artists as the current exhibiting artist is then asked to invite the next artist to participate in the project, keeping the chain going. The digital collage created through the ongoing series will become automatic, exploring various ideas as it develops, and aims to form a conversation between peer groups and acts as a stage for presenting new work by emerging artists.


Initiated in 2019, Arebyte On Screen is a platform dedicated to artist videos, multimedia experiences and curatorial interventions utilising digital formats. AOS invites web-based artists, digital artists and curators from around the world to experiment with new forms of creating, curating and presenting art online.

The artists and curators of AOS present past projects, work-in-progress and new work; often addressing current trends and theoretical discussion in art, the work on AOS also branches into political, economic and social topics as a way of mapping a collective territory.

Following in the footsteps of, which ran from 2015-17 in arebyte Gallery’s storage space in Hackney Wick, AOS continues research in online and virtual spaces for curation and artistic production. Viewable on and via a dedicated screen in arebyte Gallery’s window in London, AOS is open to the public 24/7.

As part of arebyte Gallery’s yearly programme themes, AOS continues each year alongside the physical artistic programme, creating an expansive network of artists and curators working locally, nationally and internationally across emerging media, allowing artists to disseminate their work to a greater audience and be part of an ever-growing network.

arebyte Gallery is a London-based art organisation which supports the development of artists working across digital and emerging artforms.

Following in the long tradition of artists experimentation with new technologies, arebyte Gallery has led a pioneering programme since 2013, to much acclaim. From web-based work to multimedia installations including Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Generated Imagery and 3D printing, the gallery commissions new works from emerging, as well as more established artists. The gallery supports multiple voices in digital cultures across the UK and internationally to bring innovative perspectives to art through new technologies.

At the forefront of today’s digital art scene, arebyte Gallery offers an inspiring place to explore emerging media art with an interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of art, new technologies, and social sciences. |


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Choy Ka Fai - The Choreography of Things
Florian Tuercke - London Structural Sound Project
arebyte Gallery previous projects 2014 - 2015
Max Colson - The Green and Pleasant Land
Dani Ploeger - High-tech / Low-tech: Guns in Digital Culture
Richard Wentworth & Ken Worpole - This is Where We Meet
Saemundur Thor Helgason in conversation with Amy Downes
Saemundur Thor Helgason - The Fellowship of Citizens
Lawrence Lek and Rebecca Edwards in conversation
Rosana Antoli - Virtual Choreography
Liliana Farber - Blue Vessel
Atropelos - curated by Luiza Prado & Daniel Rourke
Interviews by the artists of Hotel Generation 2018
Jan Robert Leegte - Compressed Forests
Yoshi Sodeoka - Forays into Clamor
Lorna Mills - RoadKill
Systaime - H[ÔM]3
Wade Wallerstein discusses RE-FIGURE-GROUND pt.1
Wade Wallerstein discusses RE-FIGURE-GROUND pt.2
Faith Holland - Bullets and Bars
Clusterduck feat. Hannah Neckel, Esben Holk & Philipp Teister - Make URLself at Home
Rebecca Edwards in conversation with Carla Gannis
Rebecca Edwards in conversation with Alan Warburton
Ad Minoliti - P.S.hOme
Mit Borras - Harmory Corp.
Max Colson - The Green and Pleasant Land
Rebecca Edwards in conversation with Most Dismal Swamp
Mario Santamaria - Travel to my Website
Gaby Cepeda - _TheRealness_
Elizabeth Mputu - Minute Made Meditations
Ben Grosser - Order of Magnitude
Louise Ashcroft - Unicorns of Westfield
JODI - Dramatica
World Capital - Panel discussion Pt.1
World Capital - Panel discussion Pt.2
Wilf Speller - The Tower
Felicity Hammond in conversation with Rebecca Edwards
Hotel Generation 2019
Jemma Egan - I don't have the time to get him back to the condition he deserves to be in
Izzy McEvoy - And They
Liliana Farber – Anonymous
Natalie Price Hafslund - I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle - ae73edb74571e4e2
Romancero Gitano - French Hair
Hans-Henning Korb - Time Immemorial: Vorahnung (Der ewige Zeuge)
Leon Eixenberger - Geometric Love (Dream A)
Kumbirai Makumbe - Evo's Turn
Benjamin Collet - Capri Schön
Camille Soulat - Daily funfact
Marc Etienne - Trap House Emoji
Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley - TRANS-PORT ME
Marie Grimal - Détendre un peu sa chevelure après la piscine
Christopher MacInnes - Long Range Correlations
Ebun Sodipo - fuckeries
Pierre Gaignard - vapormax aby bi
Hélène Hulak et Guillaume Seyller - normale tropicale
Shinji Toya - Can you tell me about yourself for the sake of art?
Alain Barthélémy - Ether
arebyte X The Wrong Biennale 2019 featuring Going
Juan Covelli - Limitations of the same
Eva l’Hoest - FigureMan@VillaVerde
🚧 (U+1F6A7) - Sebastian Mira
Post-capitalist ecologies: panel discussion with Ami Clarke, Diann Bauer, and Arun Saldanha
Agnieszka Szostek - Water Memory (episode 2.)
Angie Rengifo - Blue Feeling
Henry Driver - SYMBIOSIS
Izzy Bolt - The Daily Slug
Moritz Stumm & Stefan Neuberger - HAUSDURCHSUCHUNG
My Mind, Your Weapon: panel discussion with Vesselin Popov, Lauri Love, Kadine James, Lucy Wheeler & Rod Dickenson
Sarah Selby, Annemiek Höcker and Rebecca Edwards in conversation
Louis Judkins - Feed the Geese
Heath Bunting - Velocity
Duncan Poulton – Jetsam
Alice Vandeleur-Boorer - Jet Slag
Nikki Lam - Anchor: A Prelude
Corie McGowan - Silicare™
Going LIVE - The Retreat
Chris Collins - Today’s Modern Office
Laurie Lax - A Thing Done and Who Did It
Molly Erin McCarthy - Western approach to paradise
Eamon O’Kane - SOAP
Marc Blazel & Stelios Ilchuk – Knights of Omikron
Kjersti Sundland – To the thinker who is not the gardener, only the soil of the plants that grow
Stelios Ilchouk - It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.
Angela Washko - Survival Rates in Captivity (Free Will Mode #5)
Ian Bruner - earth born or the great depression of Argus Panoptes (chapter one)
Nora Adwan - The Screens
Dani Ploeger - Fronterlebnis
Natalia Skobeeva - Biographies of objects
Gretchen Andrew - How To, How To, How To
Hervisions - The Art of No Likes
Louise Ashcroft X Maxsta - Grimey Goods
Tamara Russell - More Than Mindfulness - Introduction
Tamara Russell - More Than Mindfulness - Just Rest
Maria Zeylan Kanellou - Mutation
Digital Art Club - Drawing With Code
Olia Lialina - Her Majesty, URL (online lecture)
Saemundur Thor Helgason - Wilma
Lawrence Lek + Kode9 - Nøtel - Drone Walkthrough
Tamara Russell - More Than Mindfulness - Reclaim Your Attention
Snow Yunxue Fu - Conjoin (Chapter 3)
Sarah Ann Banks - Reverse Wormhole
Swamp Protocol - Most Dismal Swamp
eccchobunny - 0x000000EF (CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED)
Tabita Rezaire - Waning Moon Guido Segni - The Artist is Typing
Hervisions - The Art of No Likes, Phase 1: Beyond The Gate Of The Garden
María Fernanda - Labor Studies Shinji Toya –
Hervisions - The Art of No Likes, Phase 2: Sandra Crisp
Hervisions - The Art of No Likes, Phase 2: Julieta Gil
AOS is a platform dedicated to artist videos, multimedia experiences and curatorial interventions utilising digital formats to address current political, economic and theoretical discussion, viewable 24/7 both online and via a screen in the gallery window of arebyte.