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Sebastian Mira
🚧 (U+1F6A7)

The digital simulation of the landscape, space and everything that inhabits them is the new way of existing in the world. In the practice of digital representation there are objects that, although their lack of weight and matter, have borders, textures and volumes; Foleys are individual sound effects that are used in audiovisual postproduction to give a (auditory) sense of reality within a scene. Videogame props are one of the most particular objects of the digital realm, they usually replicate the material world with the purpose of simulate something that exists in the physical world on a screen. A construction site is a symbol of progress and modernity; an architectural render, on the other hand, presents the idea of ​​comfort and safety; both are synonyms of a well-being that is about to come.

Sebastian Mira holds a BFA from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University (2018). His work has been shown at the Worm Filmhaus (Rotterdam), Cyland (St-Petersburg), Project Room of the Andes University (Bogotá), and The Wrong Biennale (Online), among others. And has been part of the residency programs of Flora Ars+Natura (2017) and DosMares (2016).

His practice focuses on the relationships between physical and digital spaces, the manifestations of the landscape in the virtual, and the methods of representing objects and places inside and outside a screen.

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