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00Zhang - Post-2020 Experiment

Post-2020 Experiment 

Post-2020 Experiment is an interpretation of the entanglement, digital ink wash painting that bound the real-world and the reverse side. I was thinking of these things and about how all things are related, from disorder to order.

The floating entity resembles the butterfly effect, connecting to the motion: the process of the ink diffusing into water. Shades of black conveying the perceived complex weaving between image, and tacit affection of memory over the spatiotemporal boundaries. Entropy predicts the direction of spontaneous processes, we are enslaved by this peculiar intermediatory, and face the same inevitable. Yet, within the unknown and chaos, orders will be restored, life will begin to flourish again.


Visual artist, currently based in London

Studies Design for Performance & Interaction MArch at UCL

00’s practice spans across performance installations and virtual installations. The essence of the artist’s work is the intersubjectivity between these registered mediums. 00 intertwines embodiment with assemblage, and elaborate cybernetic concepts are exhibited in her complex narratives. She combines real-world imagery and coded virtuality to depict an integration of agent and environment.

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