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Abbi Fletcher - CYMON

Abbi Fletcher

Music made using the EEG data from Tibetan Buddhists in deep meditation.
Data kindly provided by Dr Elena Antonova.
Data Extraction: @sjjerjian
Sound Composition: @joebarnby 
Visuals: @abbifletcher

Abbi Fletcher – Biography:

Abbi’s practice focuses on the relationship between art and science and how it is positioned amongst existing boundaries, and how it can be used to anticipate peoples’ future needs and desires.

Graduating from Chelsea College of Arts with a degree in Textile Design, her work also spans Set Design, Film Direction, Curation and most recently, Abbi leads the visual direction of Senscapes – a public-engagement venture combining neuroscience, art, and music in
order to get scientific research more broadly spoken about through the instrument of visual art.

Abbi leads the visual direction of Senscapes – helping to mould the broad, visual design and output of pieces, shows, and events. Her objective is deconstructing scientific data by using cymatics (the vibration of sound) to form visuals illustrating significant data findings
within neuroscience. Her moving image and installation works balance analytical thinking and creative intuition, transforming EEG brain data participants recorded in altered states into a medium that we can all connect with – music and art.

Her work is now orientated around live, immersive experiences where scientific data takes the form of moving sculpture and is displayed in real-time. The subject of the brain wave data takes centre stage and brings new meaning to the findings; uniting science and art in a new shared experience which is directly impacted from altered states of mind.

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