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Abe Sugarman - Desktop Tour

Abe Sugarman
Desktop Tour

Desktop Tours is a series that invites artists from arebyte Gallery’s yearly programme to talk through their computer or laptop desktop, including key folders, bookmarks, and software they use in their work.

The artists talk about the work produced for their exhibition at arebyte as well as new content they are working on, their processes, past experimentations, and a look into their virtual mind.

Abe’s exhibition Rock Bottom will open at arebyte on 17 March 2023: more info HERE.

Facilitated and edited by Marc Blazel.

Marc Blazel is a multidisciplinary artist specialising in moving image, installation, live-streaming and web theory.

Abe Sugarman is a multimedia artist based in West Yorkshire, who operates as an agent within a game. Abe uses their political proposal ‘Jellyfish temporality’: as a non-linear model of queer time and survival against geological stratification. Abe graduated from the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford. Previous solo and group exhibitions include: Unit 1 Gallery Workshop, London; Ruskin Project Space, Oxford; Five Folds, London.

This video was made in conjunction with the exhibition Rock Bottom by Abe Sugarman.

The exhibition runs 17 March – 15 April 2023
Part of arebyte Gallery’s 2022/23 programme sci-fi

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