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Abi Sheng - Digital Ego libido and replication

Abi Sheng
Digital Ego libido and replication

This work is a visualisation of a fundamental sexual instinct and ego libido in digital world.

Earth mother sweet milk
A fem body a mother
Marshmallows, pink clouds

Monsters carrying the phone
A real me in a fake reality
A fake me in a real digital phone

‘‘That’s what love is. Its one’s own ego that one loves in love, one’s own ego made real on the imaginary level’’ Lacan
Sex is fundamentally narcissistic because it is caught up in a fantasy of idealism. Idealized images of ourselves and partners. Porn is narcissistic but not sex.

Abi Sheng is a 3D artist, a designer and researcher whose practice engages transhumanism and consciousness studies. As a future thinker, she believes that generating artificial bodies will be more relevant than designing garments in the future of fashion.

As a person who worked around body for years, Abi is developing the idea of re-engineering bodies with generative design, combing anatomy and mechanical engineering.

She is a body engineer whose work is devoted to rebuilding the identity system and constructing a utopia for equality by offering a system for customizable, transformative physical appearances and body modifications through fashion.

Her digital work is a visual reflection of the evolving present, an artist’s approach to encoding realities. She is developing a healing process to expand consciousness through recreating psychedelic experiences and meditation in the virtual world.

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