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Adam Grant - Mother Bear

Adam Grant
Mother Bear

This narrative short film centres around an intensely loving but turbulent relationship between a mother and her son. Taken from early and adolescent memories, the film is told through the rediscovery of a familiar bedtime story from the son’s childhood. The film was shot in Sandgate on the southeast English coast and is scored by London born musician Caius Williams.

Writer/Director: Adam Grant
D.O.P: Oliver Craig
Assistant Director: Zoe Ellender (if you’re able, the e in Zoe has an umlaut)
Composer: Caius Williams
Mother: Anne-Marie Lennon
Son: Lewis Duncan

Adam Grant is a 21-year-old, London born artist and filmmaker specialising in narrative and non-fiction video work, photography, and drawn or painted portraiture. His work tends to centre around people, faces and human stories, often taking subjects and compositions from everyday life. He has previously exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery’s BP Portrait Exhibition and received Best Short Film at the 2018 BFI Into FIlm Awards.

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