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ae73edb7@aeaeaeae.io - ae73edb74571e4e2

ae73edb74571e4e2 is a stack of software and services managing the creation, distribution and tracking of data computed from a virtual flood-plane model.

You can also think of the stack as a single image complex composed of the generative and administrative software as well as the data-body that this accumulates. The instagram feed is a surface outlet for this content.

The image complex is kept together by an identification protocol that labels objects, events and concepts as they occur throughout the stack. This makes the data-body sticky, so to say. These object, events and concepts are programmed into the the lower levels of the stack, and their effect bubbles up through the layers and stratify onto the data-body.

The identification protocol and the mutable condition of software (subjected to updates, patches and new features) sets the premise for an extensible image, which through the automated attributes of computational processing enables for a very large and heavily integrated image complex, in this case of a swamp.



Being invited by the artist, the next artist showing is Hans-Henning Korb.

…by artists is an artist-led curatorial programme, where selected artists present online work and invite their peers to create a succession of content around the yearly theme for a period of two weeks. This strand of AOS aims to create networks between continents of digital artists as the current exhibiting artist is then asked to invite the next artist to participate in the project, keeping the chain going. The digital collage created through the ongoing series will become automatic, exploring various ideas as it develops, and aims to form a conversation between peer groups and acts as a stage for presenting new work by emerging artists.

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