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Alesha Kobzeva - TO BE FREE

Alesha Kobzeva

A statement by the artist:

“Hello, that’s Alesha Kobzeva and she is illustrator, 3d and tattoo artist.
She born in Kharkiv that city is east part of Ukraine. When war started in Ukraine after one month she came to Berlin because in her part of country was very dangerous. Now she lives in Berlin 5 months. She said that she happy that she can work there and help to her country and family.
In Berlin she met a lot of very art, open and interested people. But she hope soon she come back to Ukraine and inspired to keep creating to be free.

The idea was that each of us lives in a glass space, but many are afraid to break it, although the walls are very fragile and easy to break. All the boundaries are in our head and sometimes you should not be afraid and you need to break in order to be free. In this work, I mixed two styles of my work, 3D and sketches for tattoos, because creativity has no boundaries and you can combine absolutely different things”

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