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Alice Vandeleur-Boorer - Jet Slag

Alice Vandeleur-Boorer
Jet Slag[2010]

Participation in Jet Lag research.

Under lab conditions I was asked to sleep outside of the normal 24hr circadian rhythm. I resided within the lab for 10 days, without natural light or any knowledge of GMT time. I was allowed one night of sleep before my cycle was altered to 28hrs, therefore every bedtime was 4hrs later then the previous sleep. My Body clock was able to travel around the world through 7 sleep cycles, without leaving the lab. The participants of the study were not permitted to use any digital photography. The images exhibited were captured using a disposable film camera. I wore an actiwatch during the study to record my movements.

possible route achieved through body clock:

Los Angeles

Jet Slag: 7 lab images, disposable film camera (2010)

Jet Slag: actiwatch data (2010)

The project is on display at 24/7 at Somerset House until 23rd February 2020.

Alice Vandeleur-Boorer was born and raised in a small coastal town, Devon, UK. She has spent most of her exploratory education and creative occupation working as a land and body artist and could be commonly found performing this role in woodlands, sand dunes, bogs, bushes, military live fire zones and Wet-labs.

For the last 4 years Alice has mostly been raising her children and growing vegetables. Both these occupations require a high creative output, nonetheless Alice occasionally finds the time to do small projects which hopefully, with some encouragement, will make appearances on this site in the very near future.


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