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Ana María Millán - Playing Invisible

Ana María Millán
Playing Invisible

Video taken from video game

Invisible is the result of a role play game organised by Ana María Millán within the framework of the show Dystopische Idylle in Berlin, with the participation of the other artists of the show: Luis Bustamante, Blandine Casen, Caroline Cecilia Tallone, Daniel Desiderio Páez, Riccardo Torresi y Sofia Clonn. It tells the story of a group of non-human entities that start to alter their surroundings in different ways, because they feel a kind of disturbance or aggressive force is getting closer. They discover that the disturbance is in fact brought by phantoms of themselves. Playing Invisible is Ana María playing her game.

The work of Ana María Millán addresses the politics of the animation in relation to digital cultures and subcultures,  gender and propaganda.  She has developed techniques based on role playing, reenactment and ideas about animation as methodology to make a series of plays that end in the form narrative films.  It speaks from amateur cultures, pop political culture, sound territories and technology.

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