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Angie Rengifo - Blue Feeling

Blue Feeling
Angie Rengifo

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The blue screen of death (B.S.O.D) refers to the screen that appears on Windows OS when the computer is unable to recover after a system error. In that moment the machine loses the ability to answer the simple commands for which it’s created; technically, it’s no longer useful and begins to exist for itself, it launches problem solution protocols and tries to reach its own homeostasis, it becomes a meta-machine. This state of susceptibility is homologue to organic existence. In -Blue Feeling- two chatbots profess, babble and repeat disjointed phrases trying to break the ice between them: they are two damaged artificial intelligences that are together in their clumsiness. In his attempt to express itself, they stumble upon loops of human language in which moving forward and making sense becomes really difficult. The language transforms in a field of misunderstanding, an inability to communicate, too frustrating and superficial. An interaction between two machines that are too human.

Even if Angie Rengifo insists that she doesn’t understand how machines work, actually, she may relate with them. Angie has found a mirror for expressing her naive and singular gaze, surprised by the ease with which the rest of humans communicate with each other and suspicious of the modern world’s dizzying speed. Behind experiments, saturated with of obviousness, mental inertia, clichés and bad jokes, there is an estrangement about how we relate to objects and the creatures who surround us, the attempt of dialogue, the disharmony between form and content, and language dysfunctions.

Her work has been shown at exhibitions such as 45 Salón Nacional de Artistas (Bogotá), Salón de Arte Joven – 2017 (Bogotá), The Wrong Biennale (Online).


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