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Benjamin Collet - Capri Schön

Benjamin Collet
Capri Schön

Benjamin Collet deploys, assembles and compares many events and images; how things and images are built up; what they hide and what they mean. He sets displays made of tools, materials and features in aim to create speeches, tales and fictions. Combining writing, documentation, archiving as well as sketch, sound and video, his installations are kind of «ideas cases». All those fragments and tracks form/create a kaleidoscopic investigation of our world.

Photography by @lenancker

extract of Un entretien en cohue concerning the artist

I think this romance novel found in a laundromat does make sens after all. Good news. To be continued…To get back to French Hair, what have been the elements or the events which led you to think a hairdressing salon could host a hidden art show ? Because we are facing here an “undercover” show of some sort.

It’s always a bit difficult to trace back the origin of an idea. I think this intention came from an environment composed by very different things. An afternoon with Marc getting our hair cut together in Marseille, the conversations we had on croocked exhibition formats, the discovery of a very special hairdressing robe at a salon in Lyon, a more general feeling that the experience of an art show is the experience of a community temporarily aggregating around practices and personalities.

Yet to propose something in a hairdressing salon, moreover through one of its usual objects, is clearly an infiltration more than a declaration. Was the outdated aspect or the seemingly non-quality of the hairdressing robe a way not to declare but rather to infuse in a space ? Taking the risk that the proposal, apart from the day of the opening, would eventually not visible but rather present as a slip which no one would ever have noticed.

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