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Camille Soulat - Daily funfact

Camille Soulat
Daily funfact

Camille Soulat is a visual artist focused on the concept of memory ; she observes her relatives before transforming them into digital painting. Frozen scenes, captured buy the blurs and filled with saturated colors. The layers of pixels overlay and mix in a digital lazyness, as heavy as sedative.

Photography by @lenancker

extract of Un entretien en cohue concerning the artist

I wanted to know how you did you reckon the thing when we talk to you about this
event which would take place at a hairdressing salon ?

When you talked to me about the hairdressing robe and this project I instantly thought about the hairs falling on the robe before ending on the floor. The eye contact through the mirror with the person who cuts your hair. The discomfort when one goes out of the salon and looks for its reflection on the car glasses.

Regarding your work I found there is something myopic in the way you reveal things. As if we were missing some informations. Something like the image of a memory. It presumes more that it declares.

This is funny you’re saying that because I’ve been myopic during half of my life and I almost never wore glasses. I like blur, it leaves space for other stories. I also like the idea this would be pauses on vanishing images.

This is almost chronophotography ?

Yes you can say that, but without the physical aspect. I often start a project out of memories.

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