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Daphne Jiyeon Jang -〈Reconciled Glory〉

Daphne Jiyeon Jang
〈Reconciled Glory〉

A statement by the artist

〈Reconciled Glory〉 probes the enduring tension arising from disputes over cultural artifact repatriation and restitution. The ‘Elgin Marbles’ at the British Museum and the originate ‘Parthenon Marbles’ along with the ‘Parthenon temple,’ have been fragmented and separated by a multitude of conflicts spanning centuries. 〈Reconciled Glory〉 offers a visual narrative of the process of restoring original coherence through digital reunification, thus reconciling the splendor of the ‘Parthenon Marbles.’ This piece stands as a testament to the harmony achievable through the convergence of art and technology.

Daphne Jiyeon Jang

Daphne Jiyeon Jang has an international career in new media art practices and is recognized for her moving image – “Moving Sculpture” projection mapping and installations. Her work explores historical events and social issues with sculptures or artefacts implemented in 3D data in a virtual space, and crafts a story between the virtual and reality (Digital Re-unification).⁠

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