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Drawing With Code by Edward Martin

Hi there! Welcome to Drawing With Code, part of the Digital Art Club.

Drawing with Code is a workshop designed to teach the basics of how to code using Javascript (the coding language used to build the internet). In these fun and friendly sessions, you will learn how to draw basic animals and leave with skills to create your own at home.

The workshop is run by artist Edward Martin. Edward creates work using video, code, sculptures and animation.

The workshop is open to any skill level. No prior knowledge of coding is needed.

arebyte’s Digital Art Club invites children 10+ to experiment creatively with digital tools.

The series of free workshops offer opportunities to learn the foundations of coding, designing with 3D modeling software and machine learning in a fun and creative environment.

Participants will be able to develop digital literacy and understand how technology is being used across the creative industries.

The Digital Art Club will take place on in the gallery on Saturday mornings (or online!), and will last approximately 1-2 hours. Each session will be free of charge, with no expected commitment to attend all sessions. In this first session, due to current circumstances, the Drawing With Code workshop is presented online as a series of videos below.


Episode 1

Episode 2

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