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eccchobunny - 0x000000EF (CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED)



The age of Anthropocene sees the onset of societal and environmental disaster, stemming from human involvement via imperialism, industrialism, globalization and capitalism. Intricately fabricated rules on how identities are expected to be played has created unique social illnesses and caused potentially irreversible damage to the world, both to the earth itself and to people. The sound in this piece is databent essays relevant to recognizing and seeing a way out, including works by bell hooks, Susan Sontag, José Esteban Muñoz and Umair Haque. Additional clip in video projections of the kiki demonstration provided by Elie Liakopoulos

eccchobunny is a Chicago based new media artist working mainly with live video mixing and experimental 3D. However, they utilize a variety of mediums and techniques outside of this as well, whichever may be most appropriate for getting the idea out. Using technologically based tools, they explore current, rapidly shifting socio-political environments and the phenomenons and potentials within.

…by artists is an artist-led curatorial programme, where selected artists present online work and invite their peers to create a succession of content around the yearly theme for a period of two weeks. This strand of AOS aims to create networks between continents of digital artists as the current exhibiting artist is then asked to invite the next artist to participate in the project, keeping the chain going. The digital collage created through the ongoing series will become automatic, exploring various ideas as it develops, and aims to form a conversation between peer groups and acts as a stage for presenting new work by emerging artists.

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