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Elizabeth Mputu - Minute Made Meditations

Minute Made Meditations 
Elizabeth Mputu 

The focus of this work relates to the theme of home as it investigates what it means to be grounded in ourselves as we navigate oppressive landscapes both on and offline. So much of that at the root is about making a home within yourself and this project explores this concept through a series of videos called Minute Made Meditations — the title is a spin on minute maid orange juice (as a Florida resident orange juice has always been a symbol of belonging, accessibility and being nourished by our own soils) and a nod to the quick pace at which we are growing used to consuming data as our relationship to technology evolves.

Being that I’m also interested in herbalism, I recognize that soil and tending to our roots (or the foundations of who we are) is directly related to wellness. By allowing our physical bodies to become accustomed to housing medicine in the form of that which we have grown ourselves that is of the land, and of our imaginations– we mentally and emotionally begin to create a language of autonomy in the area of health.

These meditations and affirmations are a way of inviting people into a dialogue through trance. It encourages them to find within themselves the balance they seek in processing all of the online and physical stimulus that bombards us on a daily basis. To make a garden of our own mind, and to make home synonymous with inner serenity, especially as we are still so unaware of the long term impacts our time online has on the evolution of our collective consciousness, is the main goal of this initiative.

Elizabeth Mputu is a digital artist whose work has, up to this point, taken place exclusively in virtual space. Evolving from the use of selfies as a tactic of survival and anti-erasure, his/her current work involves the creation of tools for self-care and the ease of internet-related stress—for instance, a guided meditation for the release of grief created after a grand jury failed to indict anyone for Sandra Bland’s death. For his/her first solo gallery exhibition, Mputu has divided the interior of Interstitial into four “portals of healing” that explore how digital and physical space can be combined to create new possibilities for the cultivation of well-being.

The next artist showing is Elizabeth Mputu, being invited by Gaby Cepeda.

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