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Ellie Antoniou - ‘moment[1.3]escape.now_plastic and malleable the time is yours, and yet days drip through your fingers like sand’

Ellie Antoniou
_plastic and malleable the time is yours, and yet days drip through your fingers like sand’

a desert of memory or my thoughts frozen in a moment of trauma: a knife, a threat:
[time as plastic and malleable; as space]
a moment, or three or one and none.
a dream, visualised and shared: a collective mental image.
a simulation that grows into living, into parallel realities and options of nearly present.
parameters that weave different stories in everyones’ computer
deserts that engulf your solitude
deserts that remind you of territorial expansion.
sand dunes you explored in video games of war, of sensationalised violence.
female curves and bodyscapes. alone for miles and miles and millimetres, micro-pixels of immaterial space as time [ah!] that slit of a moment, flipped sideways to create a horizon.
a desert formed from an image of sand:

a landscape scaled to host your wildest dreams of solitude in the safety of the digital desert.

_in the format of a video game, but existing within an undefined genre as an indefinite interactive film or a memory visualised, shared and grown collectively.

_’moment[1.3]escape.now’ is divided into three phases: ’recalling a moment’ ‘repeating of the recall[-1]’ ‘limbo of the mind’,

_the consecutive phases are determined by the hours passed since the launch of the game 06.09.2020, through data which is retrieved by the system clock of the user’s computer. The three phases are manifested through a change in the narrative, soundtrack and height of the sand dunes, which grow hourly.

_the game renders in real time, with the system clock providing the information for the accurate positioning of the sun in the sky.

_all soundtracks are created by Beatrice Vorster [https://beatricevorster.com/]

‘A land artist trapped in the city’ is a romantic speculation of my practise; a sculptural practise that extends from the physical to the virtual realm. A compulsive escapism drives my need for world-making, while virtual environments allow me to share those mental images . Memories of the past and the future explore possible realities of the now:

_time as space [overlapping moments of a slightly present]

Ellie Antoniou (b.1995) is based between London-Athens.
She holds an MA Degree in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, with a two-year scholarship from NEON Organisation. Ellie is co-founder of the, Athens-based, ERGO Collective; a creative platform formed on the premise of collaboration and collective creativity pollinated by an array of
disciplines, fromdance to fine art, music and many more.

Recent exhibitions of Ellie include Aube immédiate, vents tièdes, Mécènes du sud, Montpellier, 2019 and On the Edge of the Blade We Run, Athens, 2019 and Inner Space, Oliver Beer Studio, London, 2020.

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