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Flaviu Cacoveanu - Untitled (Lazerpresent)

Flaviu Cacoveanu
Untitled (Lazerpresent)

Untitled (Lazerpresent) echos a composition of short videos by the artist Flaviu Cacoveanu, which slice directly into reality and bring timeless and placeless non-narrative representations of our surrounding world. Presented initially as a site-specific 3 screen installation, this rendering of the work is an adaptation for the laptop screen.

The code of this iteration of the work was developed by Silviu Cacoveanu.

Flaviu Cacoveanu presents himself as a “Con&Temporary” artist. “Con” refers to, in the first place, conceptual and contextual, while “temporary” refers to notions of the ephemeral that are essential to the development and understanding of his work.
As the effervescence of our physical and digital lives no longer leave any moments of rest or magic, Flaviu brings poetry back to the ordinary through simple gestures or minimal displacements.

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