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Florian Tuercke - London Structural Sound Project

London Structural Sound Project
Florian Tuercke
23 May – 13 June 2014 at arebyte Gallery

The project was participatory in its nature and invited the public to take a crucial part in its production through the distribution of the microphones throughout the vicinity (1km radius) of the gallery.

Tuercke assembled 300 mini-contact microphones which were handed out to visitors of arebyte gallery and installed in different locations by the public. The contact-microphones recorded sound-waves within solid materials and enabled the listener to hear sounds which are normally inaudible to the human ear.

A recording-team, consisting of the artist and collaborators visited each site and recorded a unique field sample at each place. Each microphone had its own characteristics; its location and the material it’s mounted on, thus giving a unique sound-scape of the city. The sound of the city was used by the artist (together with other sonic art collaborators) and re-composed within the gallery space to create a macro sound map of the city. The interactive maps grew and expanded as the microphones were implemented.

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