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Gaby Cepeda - _TheRealness_

Gaby Cepeda

_TheRealness_ (2017) uses visuals of RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants and RuPaul herself, to reflect on the feelings of impending doom and radical uncertainty that are prevalent in our generation. The beloved television queens RuPaul, Alaska Thunderfuck, Jinkx Monsoon, Latrice Royale and Laganja Stranga recite –with the help of overlaid synthetic voices– quotes from science fiction and futurist literature like Jeff Vandermeer’s Annihilation, Liu Cixin’s The Dark Forest, Nick Bostrom’s Superintelligence and Ted Chiang’s The Lifecycle of Software Objects. The video is an attempt to bring femenness into these male-dominated fields of thought, and also to visually intensify the very-now combo of deep anxiety and the mandate to be entertained at all times, a cycle of affects (anxiety, outrage,entertainment) that can only lead to emotional exhaustion.

Gaby Cepeda (México, 1985) is an independent curator, art writer, and sometimes artist. Her work focuses on the areas where intersectional feminism and technology meet in art, as well as the subjectivities and art practices that emerge from contemporary violent contexts. She has a BA in Photography from Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León in Monterrey, she studied at Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero and participated of the 2013 Artists and Curators Program at Universidad Torcuato DiTella in Buenos Aires. She has curated and participated in exhibitions at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires, Sala Luis Miró Quesada Garland in Lima, Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, Whitebox Art Center in New York, Biquini Wax in Mexico City and at the Transart Triennale in Berlin.

The next artist showing is Elizabeth Mputu, being invited by Gaby Cepeda.

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