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Hal Hewetson - @i_know_that_my_redeemer_liveth

Hal Hewetson

@i_know_that_my_redeemer_liveth is an online artwork by Hal Hewetson which memorializes forgotten camera roll ‘landfill’. Prompted by the fear of icloud induced memory loss, @i_know_that_my_redeemer_liveth invites guests to contribute their pointless photos and screenshots, taken on autopilot and never looked at again.

Submissions also welcome via Instagram direct message.

Hal Hewetson is a London based visual artist, who’s current practice is more often than not, a reaction to impulse, serendipity and mysterious leads. From confiscated toys to compilation albums, Hal’s work takes the form of installations and collections, prompted by a love/hate relationship with the internet, boyhood and his hometown.

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