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Clusterduck presents Hannah Neckel, Esben Holk & Philipp Teister - Make URLself at Home

Make URLself at Home
Hannah Neckel, Esben Holk & Philipp Teister

Internet is home to us.
We live in the undefined and blurred background of an elusive fireplace.
Online, we have many homes and identities.
We videogame our home experience, we play ourselves as multiple characters in this flickering lights of world-browsing monitors.
As our home is undefined, our identities can do nothing but follow this unseizable uncertainness, becoming fluctuant and remixed in a digital semiosphere.
Please join us in this elusory trip toward a new meaning to our digital Ithaca, and be ready to lose the way home.

Hannah Neckel

post virtual art from vienna
🌸 how do we generate emotion in an increasingly digitalized world? how do we express our identity by exposing our desire for global interaction? 🌸
📲 our body has become a tool for representation, an extension for our communication. is there still a need for its physical restrictions? can a collective body enable us to connect? 📲
☯ when a physical form is no longer a necessity, the virtual becomes reality. for everyone to project their own ideals on it ☯
💋 can we still trust physical forms or are they loosing their value of trust by becoming increasingly customizable? 💋
% how we present ourselves is how we’re perceived. perception is reality and my selfie is who you know me to be %
🚰 we need to update our bodies and transcend its limiting form to liberate ourselves 🚰
🌱 emotion is information. representation is reality. my selfie my self 🌱
🛰 what defines us as humans? it seems like we’re finally being liberated from the binding forms we now inhabit, enabling us to reflect on our existence 🛰

“fill out home address”
as time progresses home is becoming a continuously more abstract concept.
through a transformation of the collective consciousness contemporary society has put a house as a home in the background. the main living space is no longer a physical room. digital technology and connection through social media has created a virtual home. the feelings of safety and freedom that have been traditionally assigned to the idea of a stable home are now being embraced through the internet ~*

Esben Holk / House of Killing

HOUSE OF KILLING is a house that kills. It is an undefined flexible anarchist queer collective, put into this world to kill ideas, structures, dreams and realities, and promote a generation of

undefined flexible queer youth; able and willing to do whatever the fuck they want. The house shows work across Europe and America, with shows at Museum of Human Achievement TX, Landmark Bergen Kunsthal NO, KET TV Athens and many more.

Esben Holk is a BFA graduate with a background in online performance strategies, creative coding and browser based experiences. Jennifer Aniston Superfans Admin, Avid online entity, Brand: ontologically uncertain and radically soft- Vehemently anti-essentialist and anti-naturalist, the posthuman artist proactively approaches the sensation of being a lost entity as a weapon in a revolution.

It’s a metaphor daddy!
find me on my phone at afterparties

Philipp Teister

Philipp Teister works in the position of an artist who researches the fields of Neuropsychology, Privacy, and Anonymity.
By revealing the aesthetics of appropriation art and post-conceptualism, he intensively challenges the transitional area of contemporary, digital, and progressive & technological cultures.
As a visual artist Teister seeks to overcome the separation of these art genres by trying to endeavor a holistic artistic approach.
He studied at the School for Art and Design in Kassel from where holds a MFA with honors in New Media (Dir.Prof.Joel Baumann).
In 2012, he’s part of the LitFLow think tank – Next Level Literature – together with Larry Birnbaum, Rita Bollig, Caroline Drucker, Jane Friedman, Kenneth Goldsmith, Ingo Niermann, Kathrin Passig, Elisabeth Ruge, Hilmar Schmundt, and Bob Stein. He lectured at UT Vienna, BTU Cottbus and ETH Zurich and his works have been exhibited at Kuenstlerhaus in Vienna, NIMK in Amsterdam, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Wrong Biennale/Berlin (Panke Gallery).

We can try to remain silent, in midst of an uprising digital storm — There’s a chance we might not make it without a sound.


Clusterduck is an interdisciplinary collective working at the crossroads of research, design and filmmaking, focusing on the processes and actors behind the creation of Internet related content. Clusterduck is a germinal collective intelligence born out of the hybridization of online and real-life interactions. Clusterduck is an attempt to mess with social engineering by means of symbolic manipulation. Clusterduck is a bunch of badass guyz and galz who like to waste time online. Clusterduck is the weird kid staring at you from across the virtual schoolyard. Clusterduck is the incidental manifestation of these messed up times. Clusterduck is contemplating the depths of Internet. Clusterduck is working on artistic curation, visual design, filmmaking, networking and research, and openly looking for collaborators. Clusterduck is working on various projects in different fields.

David Quiles Guilló launches the by curators strand by selecting 6 artists/collectives for his participation in AOS. Relating to arebyte Gallery’s 2019 programme home, each project takes a different stance on the theme using sound, Internet Aesthetics, movement of data and online and real-life interactions

David Quiles Guilló runs The Wrong, a new digital art biennale happening online and offline. In the recent past he founded and directed the festival NOVA Contemporary Culture (2010-2012) and founded, directed and published the art magazine ROJO (2001-2011) among many other art projects.

The next artist in David Quiles Guillo’s project is: Mit Borrás

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