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Hans-Henning Korb - Time Immemorial: Vorahnung (Der ewige Zeuge)

Hans-Henning Korb
Time Immemorial: Vorahnung (Der ewige Zeuge)
Music: Hans-Henning Korb, Vorahnungen for amplified strings, 2019 (excerpt)

Hans-Henning Korb is an artist based in Berlin. He has developed a mode of art practice that transgresses traditional categories, combining sculptures, installations, and performances that involve music, film, computer animation, virtual worlds, plants, and organic processes. His aesthetics gives voice to complex human conditions and reflect on the questions that come to head as of late in contemporary life, such as the question of human autonomy in relation to both ecology and technology. Korbs work has been exhibited internationally, in venues such as ICA, London (2019); Navel, Los Angeles (2018); Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin (2017); Empty Gallery, Hong Kong (2016); Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin (2014); Photo LA, Los Angeles (2012); amongst many others.


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