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The Art Of No Like, Phase 3: You Can't Hit A Moving Target - Navigating through the noise and volume of opinion

HAPTIC PARADIGM is a web based interactive performance / installation by Chloe Alexandra Thompson and Brenna Murphy.


Participants will interact with Brenna Murphy’s visual realm and Chloe Alexandra Thompson’s sonic landscape as a live streamed acousmatic and visual “installation,” within the online space built in collaboration with Johnny Ray Alt.


The performance will take place on 30th September 2020 from 7 – 10pm BST – RSVP to join us!


Haptic Paradigm critiques the dog piles on social media and how everyone’s action (or lack of action) plays into what we are exposed to. The anonymous element ties into the essay by Thompson “cig thesis-anon” and call for a space that isn’t about the likes. The main focus is on the call and response and the catalyst of place finding or making; in effect the artists involved are giving up control of some variables, which they craft to be influenced by the participants, and the participants are only able to understand the space made through interaction and learning based on response. Asking the participant to pause and observe contributions before participating, when it is the participant’s turn they will be notified of being handed the controller.


Despite the isolation and distance we feel due to pressures in our society toward individualism and restrictions put in place as a result of COVID-19, we are still in relationship to and with others outside of our view. With this project Thompson seeks to create a space for mutual enjoyment and interaction considering the power of small investigative action, whether it is immediately visible or not, through play.
    When you arrive in the space, you’ll find two sliders that you can use to manipulate the composition. You will see them moving but will not be able to interact until it’s your turn. Sliders are marked but what you are controlling will shift over time.
    Guests may take short turns interacting within the open gallery hours. When you arrive in the space, you’ll find two sliders that you can use to manipulate the composition. You will see them moving when another user interacts, but will not be able to move them until it’s your turn. When it is your turn you will see “YOU ARE IN CONTROL” on your browser tab and on your screen.
    To see and hear the results of the interactions, hit play on the embedded livestream on the webpage. If someone is ahead of you in the queue, you’re encouraged to wait and listen. Once the controls are yours, you’ll be able to manipulate the sonic and visual fields.
    This project explores the ways we remain in relationship to one another, despite being in isolation and outside of immediate view.


Excerpt from haptic Paradigm performance on September 13, 2020

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