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Hervisions - The Art of No Likes, Phase 1

The Art Of No Likes
Phase 1: Beyond The Gate Of The Garden
A reshaping of tools for communication and connection

Phase 1 begins with an open dialogue between artists Brenna Murphy and Sarah Friend as an interconnected sketchbook of thoughts on their respective projects during the residency.

Portal Constellation

“portal constellation” an embed code that disrupts the familiar “check in’s” and updates that we adhere to through new means of intra-action.

Imagine a cyberspace where we could surf the net between handmade sites rather than constantly being shuffled back through the megastore nodes. Webrings were an interesting early method of creating community between homepage builders through the construction of intentional navigational infrastructure. With this history and fantasy in mind, we are experimenting with methods of linking between each other’s pages as a way of building our own pathways through the net.

— Brenna Murphy

If you’d like to join our webring you can sign up here and also add a portal on your own website by pasting the code below here.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/ana0/futures.online/portal.js”></script>

between the <head> tags.

We’ll be sharing details on how to submit your own sites to included in the portal soon!

Portal Constellation by Sarah Friend.


Brenna Murphy

During this residency, Murphy considers current and speculative shapes of web based community spaces by weaving a series of poetic diagrams and visualizations of the frameworks that shape our communication. How do we pour our minds and bodies into these arbitrary compositions? How could we blossom through a radically reconfigured system that was explicitly designed to cultivate complex, dynamic, decentralized communities? Murphy will be fermenting these thoughts through intuitive diagramming exercises in digital sculpture and web page environments.

Sarah Friend

Sarah Friend will be extending her existing work Perverse Affordances into a clickable online portal into one of social media’s alternate reality selves. Perverse Affordances turns the alien eye of machine learning on the interfaces that mediate our online lives, using screenshots created by a generative adversarial neural net like wireframes, or templates, to imagine new interface interactions. Much like a perverse incentive, which is emergent behaviour within a system that contradicts the intentions of its designers, Perverse Affordances invites us to consider interfaces as systems that have been designed – and the ways they construct and influence behaviour. In this iteration of the project, Friend will borrow from attention-monetizing platforms like Steemit, Basic Attention Token, and Relevant, to explore how these affordances intersect with the emerging economy of likes.

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