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Hervisions - The Art of No Likes, Phase 2: Julieta Gil

Julieta Gil

Nuestra Victoria, Our Victory, is a series of works that derive from a meticulous documentation of the Angel of Independence, a landmark of Mexico City, after protests against systemic violence towards women erupted last August, 2019. The project intends to create a digital archive of the monument in its state of occupation by civil society. Hours after the protest, government censorship prevented people from seeing the Angel of Independence by boarding it up and immediately working on its restoration, thus erasing all the claims against violence that were posted by women all over the monument. This work allows the words and actions of protest to remain in our collective memory. The video is produced in collaboration with Concepcion Huerta and Livia Radwansky.

Archive of digital artefacts recorded from drone footage after women’s protests against violence on August 2019.

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The Art of No Likes, Phase 2
Scratch the Surface and I’ll follow you: Surveillance and Censorship at your Mercy

Phase 2 will consider the ways in which surveillance and censorship cut through acts of image-making, dissemination and digital communication. It will reflect on the possibilities of circumventing or disrupting the cold stare of unwanted witnesses, including systems of data-harvesting that are ingrained into the fabric of the digital infrastructures that we use. How are time-based media works in dialogue with these gazes, how may they hide, and how dextrous can they be as they move online? How can we undercut capitalist superstructures whilst employing their instruments? Phase 2 will explore how the ways that we curate and communicate are inflected with these uncertainties. Through the autonomy of digital excavation. A symbiosis of new labour and protest are dilated. These works offer a re-imagined ‘birds-eye view’ in response to the themes of observation and suppression.

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