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Interviews by the artists of Hotel Generation 2018

Karanjit Panesar – final selected artist for hotel generation ’18

Co-founder / director of East Bristol Contemporary Gallery Karanjit Panesar’s current thinking revolves around ideas of utopia: what it looks or feels like in the globalised world, and how it could function as a form of resistance against the current order of things. Here, he describes his process.

The 2018 shortlisted artists

Aaron McCarthy

Glasgow-based Aaron McCarthy is interested in the obfuscation of language that occurs within systems of power; by using found media as material, he aims to bring the contradictory and unsettling nature of technological progress to the fore. Here, he describes how this is implemented in his proposal.

Cassia Dodman

Cassia Dodman lives on the small island of Papa Westray in Orkney, and co-curated its ØY Festival of Islands. This year she was awarded RSA New Contemporaries and the Visual Artists and Craft Makers Award. We asked her to describe her artistic practice:

Sulaïman Majali

Sulaïman Majali is a writer, artist and educator exhibiting internationally, referenced in Tohu Magazine as an “emerging thinker” in the critique and investigation of materialising speculative futurities. Here, he discusses his hotel generation ’18 proposal

The interviews were made for the programme of Hotel Generation 2018

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