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IDPW/exonemo - Art Homepage Fair

To express yourself on the Internet is…

Not about being constrained by terms and conditions we’ve never read,
while growing enslaved to numbers of likes.

Not about waiting in fear of attacks from bullies,
in a room covered with a wallpaper selected from limited options.

Not about the daily experience of moving away
when trouble emerges and assuming a new character.

So… it’s time we make our own “Art Homepage.”
It will be a refreshing internet experience that can be hand-made.
Like a zine, it will be quietly personal, but candid.
It won’t be a competition with others, and we won’t be putting up a front.
It will be a place to be one’s self, a home.

It has now been thirty years since the birth of the world wide web,
and this fair will assemble Art Homepages to provide a venue for new expressions.

IDPW 2020

ART HOMEPAGE FAIR is an online fair that brings together art homepages, or “homemade” webpages.

Today’s self-expression or communication has become much more dependent on online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and so on. The ART HOMEPAGE FAIR dares to focus on personal homepages made by yourself.

For the first edition of the ART HOMEPAGE FAIR, creators from different backgrounds are invited to exhibit one homepage each on the site. Once launched, visitors will be able to browse the entries and encounter unique art homepages, communicate with creators, and discover a new home of the internet!

Date: From 1 February
Place: https://arthomepagefair.net
Hosted by IDPW
Supported by AOS

IDPW (I.D. Password, affectionately known as “I pass”) is a loose collective of 10-some members operating under the slogan “a secret society on the internet that goes back more than 100 years”, who descend on various internet scenes from time to time. They are known for having produced the “Internet Yami-Ichi“, “Internet Bedroom”, “World Wide Water” and other projects connect between the internet and real space. exonemo is a founder of IDPW.

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