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In-Grid events series - Exploring Modes of Collaboration with Maggie Roberts / Orphan Drift

During this session In-Grid looked predominantly into the two following areas:


In-grid has used a number of platforms to form over, places to merge thoughts, feelings and ideas, but how can they re-imagine they’re elements converging, collecting and filtering? What constitutes collaboration and how is In-grid forming through it?

Dispersed Archive/Conscious

In-grid has been collecting memories, transient thoughts and conversations from all it’s members, compiling a recollection, a conscious of its own creation. In-grid is looking for ways to keep this dispersed network of interactions decentralized and non-linear, an archive that reflects In-grids conception and formation.

In-grid was the creation of a collective residency between artists from Goldsmiths Computing Department, in collaboration with arebyte Gallery and AOS (arebyte on screen), in 2020.

Through artistic intervention, performance moments, a public programme of events and a live platform that continuously reinvents itself, In-grid questioned and repurposed how we exchange concepts and communicate as individuals and as collectives.

In-grid commented on the potential of the digital, while also acknowledging that threats to privacy, agency and digital equity are increasingly commonplace. What happens when the system fails, or you make it fail with us?

In-grid was formed of artists Dania Alsaleh, Rebecca Aston. Baqi Ba, Megan Benson, Jingyi Chen, Johanna de Verdier, Batool Desouky, Panja Göbel, Rob Hall, Veera Jussila, James Lawton, Yasmin Morgan, Lauma Muizaraja, Karen Okpoti, Gabor Paszti, Hazel Ryan, Anna Sang, George Simms, Katie Tindle, Ziwei Wu, Hristo Yordanov and Yishuai Zhang.

Livestreaming produced by Rob Hall.

Maggie Roberts is a member of the 0rphan Drift collaboration. Their practice has explores different modes of collaboration and how it could be expanded to the non human. Orphan Drift has recently been working with Etic Lab, asking what it might mean to communicate with an Alien Intelligence and how might we try to do it? Involving direct encounters with cephalopods and collaborative explorations with Machine Learning engineers, VR designers and teuthologists.

gold star pt1re1+2opa
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