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Izzy Bolt - The Daily Slug

Izzy Bolt
The Daily Slug

The piece is a satirical news-round dedicated to slugs. Embedded within is a genuine concern for how species will meet and form agreements in our global climate crisis. Composed through video mixing of mould, moving obj models, GLSL, current affairs and opera (sung by Samantha Hart), the piece renders slugs as symbols of our current condition in society. We need to share spaces with others and allow fruitful reciprocal relationships to thrive. Theorised with a hand from anthropologist Donna Haraway, from her books ‘When Species Meet’ and ‘Staying With the Trouble’.

Izzy Bolt creates mesmorising live visuals, 3D scenes, cross-disciplinary events and installations. She is also a DJ and electronic musician. Her videos consist of real footage blurring into the digital, warping 360 videos and still images, geometry and GLSL. She records and manipulates live sound, plays with feedback and delay effects. Her installations include flashing text, lighting, sculpture and immersive sensory rooms. Her work is inspired by anthropological theory, visual anthropology, sci-fi and surreal internet content.
She participated in Hotel Generation 2019, Arebyte Gallery, and has exhibited work at Kings Place Gallery, London and Caustic Coastal, Salford.


…by arebyte showcases material created by the arebyte team and educational partners, relating to our physical shows in the gallery, as well as previous screen based works by alumni artists. For this strand of AOS arebyte will curate and create content in relation with the physical shows taking place in the gallery space, as well as feature arebyte’s alumni work commissioned by the gallery since 2013. This visual material will allow arebyte to expand on the theme addressed by its physical exhibitions and will be a place for art audiences to further explore, interact and engage with the arebyte programme.

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