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Izzy McEvoy - And They

And They
Izzy McEvoy

And They is comprised of footage of Izzy and her mother’s body after her recent passing, videos of noise taken from the internet and scenes from her own home. The work is a short elegy that uses plain visual logic to assuage complex mental and emotional processes.

The absence of life made salient by the lack of the body’s autonomy and the artist’s/daughter’s agency places the body and its image as matter to be played with. Like mental images or memories, the body becomes unbound to its environment, its new existence having more in common with an image-driven, weightless, digital reality.

Izzy McEvoy is an artist currently based in London. Her work is concerned with the mechanics and representation of mental processes. Working with moving image and installation she touches on topics that aren’t easily articulated either because they’re not talked about or are invisible. The work often unfolds as visual and spatial essays which are informed by aspects of the everyday and embodied research.  Upcoming group and solo shows respectively- Transitional States, ArtLicks, London, We are a frame being played in a different space, PS², Belfast. Izzy participated in LUX critical forum 2018.


The next artist showing is Izzy McEvoy, being invited by Jemma Egan.

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