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Jacky 313 - Balance

Jacky 313

A statement by the artist:

The world and time in which we live, unfortunately, is not the most healthy and humane.  The problems of society, despite the development of our civilization, remain the same primitive beyond our control!  War, impunity, discrimination, infringement, rejection of the new, excess of authority, total control, and much more important from this list, forces a person to survive in a society that seems so modern and developed!

We roll back, analyzing this flow of information, an image of a human head is created, which is spinning in this flow, forced to balance in the environment of everyday chaos, the thought appears that balancing is not enough.  Only smooth sliding and reflecting consciousness gives us a complete sense of Balance, for a further healthy existence, a cell of society

Hey hey this is Jacky 313, I come from the central region of Ukraine. I am currently based in Berlin. Positioning myself as an aspiring Digital Artist, my main activity is Tattooing.

Since the conscious part of my life I lived / live in different cities and countries, I am on the road. Having the ability to balance with myself and the world that surrounds me! Everyone has different problems and the complexity of their solution, respectively, too, but the ability to keep a balance and reflect on life stages is a skill / quality achieved more than one day!

It was this moment that moved me in the creation of my work – Balance.

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