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Jascha Bernhard - THE OTHER SIDE 2021 (excerpts)

Jascha Bernhard
THE OTHER SIDE 2021 (excerpts)

A statement by the artist:

“Everyday perception is juxtaposed with an image generated using technical tools, which, however, differs greatly in its materialization. These replications, based on the process of photogrammetry, enable reception of externals but also its internals. What inner workings, what other side does this technical process create from a series of photographic images? Where is the limit of accessibility and meaning of these objects?”

Jascha Bernhard’s mainly digital works often have a performative dimension that develops with the observation of the alienation effects of digital image synthesis. In a mostly meticulous way, between reenactment and documentation, she not only examines different expressions with regard to their own conditionality, but also uses them as a tool to tell about the stranger in one’s own perception.

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