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Jay Darlington - free_fall

Jay Darlington

free fall depicts an interaction between two agents, taking place in the permeable space between two worlds. The magpie depicting the organised chaos of nature, and the system, an agent accused of feeding off of this chaos and taking it for its own use. I am interested in the ethics and psychological and societal impacts of virtual systems. Does the maker of a system embed their moral position onto the technology that they create or can a system remain neutral? Can a system itself ever be held accountable?

Jay Darlington (22) is an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland, and a recent graduate from the Glasgow School of Art. Jay’s work aims to question the autonomy of virtual systems, doing so through the exploration of the barrier between our physical experience and the mythical powers of the signal-based information we digest: the internet, video games, and cinema. Through video installation and 3d printed/cast sculptural work, Jay focuses upon the idea that the virtual has locked us in a paradoxical state; we are seemingly stuck in an environment of hyper speed, yet in many ways lack any forward motion. Standstill.

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