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Keiga - Post-SMT


This body of work titled ‘Post-SMT’, through the use of 3D scanning technology, the current aesthetics of the interviewees were recorded, providing a more comprehensive view of their living environment that was not simply limited to photographs and videos. The content of the discussion – the impact of ‘smart’ culture and its characteristics – was then combined with a 3D data scan to allow for the creation of 3D characters. By using a variety of 3D software, the created artworks were intersected multidimensionally from 3D to 2D, abstract-to-figure, and virtual-to-real, layering it with clothing and clothing patterns, allowing the 2D and 3D works to represent the symbolic. Transformation between 3 formats of reality to virtual reality and back to reality, this becomes a relevant conversation for youth culture and identity.

This project suggests how I look at China’s Youth and attempt to elucidate an aspect of China’s subcultural image from my perspective. The purpose of this is to create context from the knowledge of the current Chinese youth, to reflections and predict the future landscape of emerging Chinese youth subcultures.

Keiga is a designer, visual artist. His work is currently focused on visual direction and digital transformation, exploring the interaction between the real and virtual worlds in clothing and wearable products to create the future landscape of emerging Asian youth subcultures. Often found collaborating with people and designers from different cultures and communities, surrounding the future of how to create closer cooperative relationships between individuals and teams.

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