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Kumbirai Makumbe - Evo's Turn

Evo’s Turn
Kumbirai Makumbe

Evo’s Turn’ explores Makumbe’s questioning of our conceptualisation of blackness and its form. The work explores a seemingly uninhabited extra-terrestrial terrain accompanied by a monologue performed by Makumbe’s Voice clone Evo.  Within this, Evo questions its own inherent blackness, as an avatar created by Makumbe, in a way synonymous to an artificial intelligence questioning its own sentience, or better yet, its ‘human-ness’.

Kumbirai Makumbe is an artist & designer who has a keen interest in curatorial methodologies.

They are situation dependant, transform and metamorphose to ceaselessly take on various forms and manoeuvre through a diverse range of spaces. They take special interest in the materiality of digitally generated matter, the endless possibilities of their employability but also their ever-increasing capabilities for communication.

They place significant effort into speculative explorations of alternative modes of being and thinking that could negate exclusionary acts and ideologies. Their work continually interrogates the multi-dimensionality of blackness, exclusionary acts and notions of inclusion, ‘in-betweeness’ and ‘caring’.

Website: Koombry.co.uk

Instagram: @Koombry

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