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Laurie Lax - A Thing Done and Who Did It

Laurie Lax
A Thing Done and Who Did It

The text/description about the project is the reward for interacting with the piece. It was made in late 2018 during studies in Electronic Literature.

About Laurie Lax

I am an artist previously living in Bristol, UK, now living in Bergen Norway, where I completed my masters in fine art in 2018. My most recent work, involving voice, text and a sock puppet, was performed at the Black Box Teater in Oslo, and I have shown work in a variety of other contexts (galleries, libraries, festivals, woodlands). Currently I’m working on a collaborative interactive fiction with audio, based on a remote fjord in the arctic. I also curate and work as a freelance producer for Bergen Centre for Electronic Art, Borealis – festival for experimental music, the University of Bergen and other artists. Since 2016, I have been a part of TEXST, a collective I co-founded exploring the presence of text in art practices.

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