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Leon Eixenberger - Geometric Love (Dream A)

Geometric Love (Dream A)

Geometric Love is a body of work based on a choreographic tool in the form of a geometric function. It allows participants to train intuitive collaboration on the problem of moving together through space. The rules with which they navigate are build on mutual dependency.

Developed since 2012 the tool was applied in various contexts and constellations often creating video footage that stands as own work additional to a workshop situation.

Geometric Love (Dream A) combines footage from a performance that I did in Addis Abeba from 2012 with new footage from a performance in Berlin. I was interested in how my understanding of space through my choreographic tool has changed since I began with this work. At the same time it opens up a dialogue between the landscapes of two distinct living spaces, one occupies my memory and one my daily life.

Leon Eixenberger

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