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Liliana Farber - the-device-is-the-message

Liliana Farber

Liliana Farber’s work focusses on the idea of the smartphone as an active agent in the way we interact with the real world, the art world and the online world, but also each other. Confrontations become digitised and repercussions between the machine and it’s user are staged virtually. In relation to the way in which the smartphone has become integral to the modern world, Farber will interrogate how this reliance affects real interactions but also how the specific language of the virtual is shaping our perceptions of time, space and place in the real. The exhibition will be displayed through the smartphone screen, reflecting on the temporal nature of imagery and our constant exposure to content, a comment on the sub-sequential reliance on the screen to divulge information. Certain laws and systems are in place when we view an artwork and the smartphone screen as a gallery space holds it’s own prescriptions for ways of viewing. We become beholden to these suggestions and instinctively make the machine an extension of ourselves. A precise intimacy is at play between the user and the screen; private experiences are created but can also become part of the public domain.

This idea of the boundaries between public and private can be seen by the way in which Farber will conduct her research and document the project’s progress – all aspects will be continually updated via the NewHive platform. The symbiotic relationship between the user, the machine and the notion of privacy will be explored further via recordings and research with relation to the artist’s personal data usage. Storage Un.it is a small project space located in a storage unit @ arebyte Gallery. The space features a series of projects which take place online and investigate the relationship between the URL & IRL. The space was initiated in Nov 2015 as part of ‘The Wrong’ the online Biennale with the project dystrophies.com which looked at the transformation from analog to digital formats. For our online residencies we have partnered with New Hive a multimedia publishing platform. We provide a blank space and custom tools to simplify the process of creating rich multimedia experiences on the web.

Liliana Farber (b. 1983, Uruguay) is a visual artist based in New York. She received an MFA from Parsons School of Design (New York), completed the Postgraduate Fine Art Studies at the Hamidrasha School of Art (Israel), and a B.A in Graphic Design from O.R.T University (Uruguay). Farber had solo shows at 1708 Gallery (Richmond, V.A), Arebyte gallery (London), Dodecá Center, Marte UpMarket gallery, and at the Education and Culture Ministry (Uruguay). She participated in numerous collective shows at The National Museum of Contemporary Art (Portugal), The National Museum of Fine Arts (Chile), The National Museum of Visual Arts (Uruguay), Ars Electronica Festival (Austria) and more. She received the Network Culture Award from the Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival (Germany), The Art and Technology Award from Montevideo City Hall (Uruguay), and the Prize for Excellence in Art from the Ministry of Immigration (Israel).

This work was part of arebyte Gallery’s Storage Un.it.

Storage Uni.It was a small project space located in a storage unit in arebyte Gallery’s previous Hackney Wick location. The space featured a series of projects which took place online and investigated the relationship between the URL & IRL.

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