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Lily Gabrielle Williams - System.Error

Lily Gabrielle Williams

This piece is a direct response to the given theme of ‘systems’. As it is a self portrait, I wanted to explore ‘systems’ but make it personal to me and my own work. As a 3D artist, I am constantly battling with computers and rendering work on a system that cannot handle my 3D models so most of the time, my art is formed through mistakes or errors. With this piece I wanted to show the frustrations of working with computers and give an insight into what it is like to constantly have system errors pop up half way through your work. I am heavily inspired by Playstation 1 & 2 and the art of glitching characters within games, I love it when characters and objects combine together or bug out on the screen in front of you and almost start dancing as a unified object. I wanted to express this through my work. The soundtrack to the piece is one of my own original works and I think it works well in adding an intense almost uncomfortable atmosphere to the piece.

Lily is a 3D artist currently in her 3rd year of studying animation at UAL London College of Communication. Heavily inspired by video games, music and dance, Lily’s practise also spans to claymation, 2D animation and performance art.

After embarking upon her animation course doing 2D art, Lily now focuses her energy on 3D character design, mainly working within Maya and Z-Brush, creating characters from blocks and sculpting them into her own unique style.

Lily is passionate about digital fashion, hoping to combat sustainability in the future of fashion and garment waste. She is also passionate about creating video game concepts and character designs that challenge gender norms and free up the gaming world that is currently dominated by cis white males. Her future projects include the extension of ‘System.Error’ where she will be working closely with contemporary ballet dancer, Nell Maude, to create a routine that challenges the limits of what human/A.I. can achieve together. Lily also hopes to start incorporating motion capture into her practise to really make her characters come to life and push the narrative of her art.

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