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Louis Judkins - Feed the Geese

Feed the Geese
Louis Judkins

The two anonymous businessmen, seemingly unaware of the excessive ooz trickling out of their pores, have the context of their vulgar conversation (re-recorded dialogue from a scene in Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’) consistently altered, not only by the overtly surrealistic sexual images ultra-keyed behind them, but the viewers constantly shifting vantage point: every shot in the piece is a different camera angle.

Taking visual inspiration from a number of sources including human body’s Sebaceous Gland, Blur’s green-screen laden ‘Girls and Boys’ music video and the disturbing practical effects used in Jodorowsky’s early films, ‘Feed The Geese’ presents a multi layered vision of excess and sleaze.

Louis Judkins makes funny art for miserable people. Judkins believes that since comedy cannot properly function in an art space and contemporary art cannot properly function in a comedy space, his work aims to exist in a conceptual space between the two by exploring humour through video and installation.

Judkins’ video works explore social and political issues by layering moving images, the use of dialogue, self constructed costumes, green-screened backgrounds, editing and the way the work is presented.

Going Away.tv’ is an online platform hosting live streamed artists’ moving image 24/7, combining work from a variety of localities and backgrounds. At once embracing and critiquing the democratic nature of streaming platforms such as ‘Twitch’ and ‘Youtube Live’, ‘Going Away.tv’ will continuously present the work of multiple artists working in moving image and broadcasting, randomised but presented sequentially twenty four hours a day. On returning visits to ‘Going Away’, you may not see the same work twice.


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