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Luciana Ponte - Shhhhhh Bai

Luciana Ponte
Shhhhhh Bai

I like to surf the web looking for “opinions” about art, usually to find incomprehension and frustrations. If art can’t communicate, what is it for?
Art is lonely, no one gets it.
I am glad for her.
Leave me alone.

Luciana Ponte
Through different formats and mediums, I have always been interested in exploring the lack of contact between the artistic field and the general public in relation to the interpersonal disconnection that I believe we all suffer in the communications era. Using internet found speech, phrases and images from meme culture, and amateur artistic gestures found in social media, I construct new images and objects, wondering where the art is, where the audience is, and who the authors are.

Born in Argentina in 1981. Currently lives and works in Mexico.
She has a degree in Visual Arts from the National University of Art of Argentina, a fellow from the Universidad Torcuato DI TELLA, a fellow from the Center for Artistic Research. She had individual exhibitions in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico; and multiple group exhibitions in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Colombia and Switzerland.

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