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Maria Zeylan Kanellou - Mutation

Maria Zeylan Kanellou

Duration: 4min 32 sec

Aliki Georgoulopoloulou
Marianna Tsagaraki
George Nikas
A video dream by:
Maria Zeylan Kanellou
Production: Balkaniko

We humans form a system. We are tied together with invisible threads. This video explores the fact that in a system of endless cycles of violence, it is not only the victim that is injured, but also the author of the violence. By killing the other we are killing a part of our own essence. We assume that through violence we impose and form our identity, but actually we become our own prisoners. It is only through conscious coexistence with the others that we can really survive.

Maria Zeylan Kanellou was born in Athens, 1982. She uses multiple media to express themes and threads exploring our commonalities with each other and other species. She works with colour, movement and poetic visual and text based tools. Zeylan Kanellou studied Media and Cultural Management in the University of Athens and then moved to Paris to study filmmaking in the University Paris 8, Vincennes/Saint-Denis. Back in Athens in 2014, she co-founded Balkaniko Productions, a cultural organisation supporting visual arts in Greece and internationally. 

…by artists is an artist-led curatorial programme, where selected artists present online work and invite their peers to create a succession of content around the yearly theme for a period of two weeks. This strand of AOS aims to create networks between continents of digital artists as the current exhibiting artist is then asked to invite the next artist to participate in the project, keeping the chain going. The digital collage created through the ongoing series will become automatic, exploring various ideas as it develops, and aims to form a conversation between peer groups and acts as a stage for presenting new work by emerging artists.

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