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Mutedasmanner - resting//another love language

resting//another love language

using various collected ephemera: aspiringly mediocre collages made during restless isolation (2020), a body scan removed of generational memory, still images accumulated in korea, and recent correspondence between the two artists, the work joins the ongoing production of non-romantic love letters exchanged between and not limited to their partnership.

self citations (2019): to vacillate between wanting and fearing social death. a piece about resting, yearning to be still and mediocre, but afraid of losing access to care from loved ones because your desirability is bound to a notion of inhabiting a perceivably “productive” and “healthy” body. realizing this feeling at its most significant time, in korea on a grant, demanding that this research produces something forward thinking, and yet using this time to be absolutely nothing/ill/enveloped in uncensored grief/a moody bitch/wanting to be alone but in close enough proximity to my support/comfortably respected for my desire to be together but singular.

Mutedasmanner is dually sustained by two archive-centric artists (Sam Yiyao Chao + Jo Cherhee), seeking to hold and repurpose feelings of grief, diasporic intimacy, and the death instinct under a digitally driven, asexual and a-romantic framework of thinking.

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