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Nikki Lam - Anchor: A Prelude

Nikki Lam
Anchor: A Prelude

To remember is to have an anchor for your belonging. Exploring the condition of movements, politics of memory and resistance of the colonial gaze, Anchor: A Prelude is a video exhibition that echoes the artist’s memory in a shifting context where the horizon is warped and time is irrelevant. It is a starting point, a resonance, an act of remembering—much like a warm reminder of a rootless home.

Born in Hong Kong, Nikki Lam is a visual artist, curator and producer based in Narrm/Birraranga (Melbourne, Australia). Working primarily with moving images, performance and installation, her work explores hybrid identities often through studies of rituals, language and representations, as well as the ephemeral medium of video. Nikki’s practice encompasses artistic and curatorial practice where her work has been shown widely across Australia and internationally.

nikkilam.info / www.hyphenatedprojects.com

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…by guest curators invites four curators each year from international digital art galleries, online spaces, biennales and festivals to present online projects and commissions for a period of three months. Each curator is encouraged to showcase artists within or outside of their networks, and to experiment with the platform and how they present projects. This strand of AOS initiates conversations with similar spaces globally and contextualises our work on an international scale.

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