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Patricia Wu Wu - Gothic Flatline

Patricia Wu Wu
Gothic Flatline
2023 – Ongoing

A statement by the artist

The work resurrects ancient slime moulds from a large corpus of botanical specimens at Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens, using machine learning to interpolate multi-scale specimen images, inhabiting what Mark Fisher (K-Punk) terms as the ‘gothic flatline’ where the animate and inanimate blur. Like the emergent behaviour of slime moulds in navigating labyrinths, here the algorithm mutates images via vector math, both exhibiting complex decentralised intelligence through iterative local interactions in high-dimensional latent spaces.

Patricia Wu Wu

Patricia Wu Wu (Málaga, Spain) is a design researcher working with data, computational design and material practice. Her work explores the interrelations between terrestrial matter, technological culture and living systems, often resulting in an array of outputs ranging from 3D printed artefacts, generative animations, to data visualisations, diagrams and installation.

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