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Pierre Gaignard - vapormax aby bi

Pierre Gaignard
vapormax aby bi

Pierre Gaignard‘s work is related to a wild ethnology, it is above all because his films, sculptures, or performances, are objects of study which do not take any distance with their subject: when he is interested, for example, in Atlanta rap, he does so in a documentary mode that takes care of an energy capable of translating the maximum absorption of what this music transmits.

Photography by @lenancker

extract of Un entretien en cohue concerning the artist

These days I 3D scan buildings and people, I live with ghosts and I like it. What I keep, is this same passion I have of recording the world surrounding me. This is obsessional and bit dumb, but I feel like this is my mission. Since the begininng I told myself I would tell the story of people around me. I’m a documentarian and a documentary filmmaker. I handle documents like no one and make my own. I think about the futur all the time. I think about the people who will follow us and I write our story so they will be able to understand it. I think about the people who aren’t here anymore and have written in our genes everything we know, everything we distrust. I think about them because they are in me and in us. They are my companions. All of this to live in the present, with the presents and all those beautiful people around me, all those fuckers too. I have a mission, I’m not a proselyte, but I feel completely involved, for the real and the surreal.
I talk about life of my mates, I do an archive with it which naturally ends up with a story. And maybe no one will find this story.

You see the thing laid on a continuous timeline of some sort, as a thick time ? Or do you cut up things : past – present – futur ? I don’t think you have a breaking relation with time or events. But maybe a perception of an ensemble on a same plane with diverse interconnections, sometime complex and contradictory. I’ve read this somewhere, in a laundromat I think : “With whose blood, of what, have my eyes been fashioned?”

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